• Character
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Relationships
  • Success

What We Do

What we do and how we are unique:


1. CITRS has a unique system and teaching model that shows how fostering character, integrity and relationships can lead to success in one’s life.


2. We provide the resources, training, and hands-on professional development that enable teachers and leaders to effectively teach and model good character.


3. CITRS has a customized, personalized approach to each client. We specifically tailor our program to the unique needs of each organization or group that we serve.


4. We provide a detailed and historical background for our curriculum based on bedrock and universal principles, and the genesis for learning in this area dating all the way back to 4000 B.C.


5. We provide a comprehensive view of character education that addresses academics, social emotional learning and character development.


6. We provide a system with a logical sequence on how to teach and develop character. This system is designed to understand and promote what good character is, the root causes of character flaws and bad behavior, and create lasting change in behavior.


7. CITRS identifies the reasons people take actions which lead to negative consequences (notwithstanding the person’s inherent virtues) and explores the underlying motives of why people do things and relates those motives to one’s character.


8. CITRS “teaches the teacher” to ensure that educators understand and value character education and can implement it.


9. We believe that one’s character is enhanced through greater knowledge about oneself. Socrates said “Know Thyself.” Therefore we provide a Strengths Discovery Program to promote self-awareness, a healthy self-concept, and help maximize potential.


10. A key to sustained performance success (competitive advantage) in any organization is its people. While topdown support is always necessary, without a clear development plan for human capital and bench strengths, dysfunction frequently occurs, especially in large organizations. Alignment of talent with the mission, vision and values of the organization is an important focus. Therefore CITRS provides a consulting approach which studies each organization it serves to determine its needs. Character strategies and professional development programs are then collaboratively designed for effective and seamless integration.


11. CITRS leadership works with organizations to ensure tangible results are achieved everyday with both management and on-the-ground teams.