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Organizations We Serve

Public Schools

Whether it is a small, rural district in Vermont or a much larger, urban district such as New York City or Philadelphia, public schools and districts too often omit character development. Public schools still educate the majority of American students in grades K-12 and CITRS recognizes and reinforces the central role they play in shaping the future of our nation.

Private Schools

Private schools, including parochial schools, have long taught the importance of character, ethics, teamwork, and servant leadership. CITRS assists these schools in continuing with their strong traditions while preparing young leaders who are equipped with the virtues, life skills and habits they need for academic performance in the 21st Century as well as personal and workplace success.

Charter Schools

Charter schools have become a major part of the US educational scene over the past decade. Charter schools frequently have a unique emphasis and focus to their curriculum. CITRS believes that charter schools are especially well-equipped to focus on character education and development.

After-School and Out-of-School Time Education

After-school programs and out-of-school time programs cover many subjects not covered in school, and do so with more flexibility and fewer restrictions than many traditional schools. These programs routinely serve their students for two to four hours a day (up to 20 hours per week) – a prime opportunity to add comprehensive character education programs beginning as early as pre-kindergarten. Read more about the benefits of after-school programs here.

Sports Organizations

Sports naturally lend themselves to teaching character. Whether it is self-discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, or hard work, CITRS identifies sports organizations, both within and outside of schools, as prime instruments for  character education and development.

Youth Organizations

Youth organizations come in many shapes and sizes, but have a common thread: developing young people of character through their programs. CITRS supports youth organizations in making the most of their programs by placing character education and development at the core of their work.

Civic Organizations

Among other things, civic organizations strive to form caring, responsible citizens. CITRS finds innovative ways to teach character in communities so that young Americans grow up with integrity and approach life with an other-centered outlook.