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People We Serve

CITRS ultimately serves young people, students, parents and adults. However, we realize that – in order to be successful in this endeavor – we must serve the people who shape and form our nation’s students. These people include:


Whether it is a school principal, guidance counselor, or other administrator, school leaders shape the culture of their schools. CITRS works closely with school leadership to develop an effective school climate and culture of character.


CITRS places an exceptionally high value on the teaching profession. Through their daily instruction and interaction with young people, teachers shape the future of our nation. CITRS offers K-12 character development programs which includes virtues training. At the same time, teacher training is central to CITRS’ efforts.


Youth workers are true leaders in our nation’s after-care programs, out-of-school programs and camps. CITRS helps youth workers to integrate character education and development throughout their careers.


CITRS recognizes that parents and guardians are their children’s first teachers. As such, CITRS conducts workshops and training videos to engage and inform parents. Click here to see how CITRS communicates with parents.


Advisors and mentors dedicate a tremendous amount of time, energy, and expertise to help young people. CITRS’ mentoring programs also empowers the advisors and mentors to be more effective in their jobs.


Coaches are role models and mentors, and play a powerful role in shaping the character of young people through their respective sports. CITRS works closely with coaches at all levels and in multiple sports.


CITRS believes in customizing its approach to best meet the needs of its clients. Clients can expect a CITRS Team that will listen, support, and help them deliver dynamic and impactful programs that fit their organization.