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ALLEN KING is a serial entrepreneur, real estate developer and seasoned philanthropic board member. Allen has deep roots in east coast construction, having direct experience in construction, property management, development, acquisitions, and financing.


Allen previously served as the Director of Backstage Capital’s Venture Fund running the most successful of four accelerators launched from the VC fund in 2019.  He also was a founding partner and Chief Product Officer for JetSense.AI, an AI powered conversational marketing platform, which he exited in October 2018. Prior to this, he served as Head of Marketing for Bank of America Merrill Lynch, as well as time leading the marketing efforts at Calvin Klein, Kate Spade and Lucky Brand. 


More recently, Allen was the driving force behind launching OnRamp, a concept derived from the need to help first time entrepreneurs better navigate startup funding, investment and operations. When he isn’t working Allen sits on a number of advisory boards throughout the country serving as a conduit between founders and investors while working towards profitability and scalability.   

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