Our data-driven approach offers a proven framework that can be easily implemented, yet modified to the specific needs and conditions of each school. This saves districts and organizations time, money, and resources. We focus on large school districts and organizations that serve the most underprivileged students. Our focus on larger projects results in economies of scale, reaching more students at a greatly diminished cost.


We make sure that educators get everything they need to create a school climate that:




We are aware of the many demands put on principals, teachers, and staff. Our framework can be easily integrated into the DNA of each school. It does not require additional classes or a change in routine and integrates with existing programs, and is reflected in every aspect of education, including athletics and after-school activities.

  • Reduces negative behavior, such as bullying

  • Promotes positive behavior, like honesty, empathy, respect, and civility

  • Includes positive psychology and social emotional learning (SEL)

  • Improves academic performance

We provide districts and organizations with a proven framework that ensures successful and sustainable implementation:

Through our “open architecture” model, we adopt the best practices and state-of-the-art innovations, even those that are not our own. As seen in our process map below, we also partner with leading experts, for example CHARACTER COUNTS!. This allows us to constantly evolve and improve our approach.

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