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EMPOWERING people to achieve success by

building a strong foundation



Our founders launched CITRS in 2010 as a non-profit organization to help make character initiatives more accessible to young people.  Today, CITRS collaborates with schools and organizations to help design, implement, and fund some of the most effective character initiatives in the country. To date, we have raised over $5 million to help bring these essential programs into the lives of thousands of students.

CITRS is an acronym for five words used to craft our original motto that underscores the long-term value of our work:

If you have character and integrity,

people will trust you.  

And if people trust you,

you will have great relationships in your life.

And relationships are the foundation for 

success in everything that you do.

To learn more about our history, download our book, CITRS: The Story of How a Character Company was Built. Get the eBook HERE

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Support Our Expansion 

During these unprecedented times, the urgency for character initiatives is greater than ever— as is the need for private funding. We believe that everyone deserves equal access ​to programs that empower youth to develop their character in a supportive and culturally-inclusive environment. 

With significant school budget cuts forecasted across the country, CITRS has embarked on our own unprecedented fundraising efforts to meet the rising needs of schools. We seek to raise $5 million to help fund new character initiatives in more schools and districts across the country. 
Our CEO and President receive no salary from CITRS and 100% of donations received go directly to the cost of school programs.  

Our Approach

CITRS works alongside school and district leadership to design comprehensive character initiatives that have quickly become the gold standard in the industry.  We bring the best ideas from the greatest innovators to provide teachers with flexible options for integrating character development into daily routines. CITRS works to empower all stakeholders with best practices and one-on-one mentoring to harness what's working and to supplement areas for growth.  ​We bring a unifying language and purpose to character and social-emotional development to advance and sustain a positive climate for the entire school community.  

But our approach doesn't end here—we also work to secure funding to support these initiatives through individual donations, corporate giving, foundation grants and partnerships with educational organizations.

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Watch CITRS in Action

Success in Buffalo, NY

In 2017, CITRS and CHARACTER COUNTS! partnered to implement a groundbreaking comprehensive character initiative in 22 schools in Buffalo Public Schools. Approximately 14,000

pre-K – 12 students have benefited from the initiative, along with teachers, parents, and the surrounding community.

After only two years, the external evaluators found that:  

  • Participating schools experienced statistically significant improvements in reading proficiency (ELA), compared to the control group.

  • 97% of administrators, teachers, and staff support the initiative.

  • 85% of parents support the initiative.

  • 78% of high school students believe the initiative is effective.