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After a long journey and hard work, we are happy to announce that our book is ready!
Available at Forum this week, and more information on how to buy online is coming soon!

Who is CITRS?

CITRS is an acronym of five words used to craft our original motto that underscores the long-term value of our work:


people will TRUST you.  

And if people trust you,

you will have great RELATIONSHIPS.

And relationships are the foundation for 

SUCCESS in everything that you do.

Our founders launched CITRS in 2010 as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that brought the most comprehensive character initiative to school districts, sports programs, youth organizations, and afterschool programs. Today, CITRS' approach has evolved into providing consultations, support, and guidance to the staff members of schools and organizations.


We do this in two ways - Character Development & the GROW Model. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and helping school districts and youth organizations find long lasting success.

Two Ways We Make A Difference

A recent poll showed that 77% of Americans think that values in the United States are getting worse. 

They're right!  At CITRS, we believe that developing core values is essential for success in life.  

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  • Continuous School Improvement 

  • Teacher Job Satisfaction Enhancement 

  • Improved School Culture & Climate

  • Increased Academic Scores

  • Lower Incident Rates in Discipline & Bullying


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Support Us

As a non-profit, CITRS relies on the generosity of many to provide our services to schools who may not have funds available.

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