EMPOWERING people to achieve success by

building a strong foundation


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Our founders launched CITRS in 2010 as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that brought the most comprehensive character initiatives to school districts, sports programs, youth organizations, and afterschool programs. Today, CITRS' approach has evolved to further include a special focus on the adults who are serving young people. We provide consultation, support, and guidance to the teams and staff members of schools and organizations.

CITRS is an acronym for five words used to craft our original motto that underscores the long-term value of our work:

If you have character and integrity,

people will trust you.  

And if people trust you,

you will have great relationships.

And relationships are the foundation for 

success in everything that you do.

At CITRS, our mission is empowering people to achieve success by building a strong foundation of character. We are dedicated to character, continuous improvement, and helping school districts and youth organizations find long lasting success.

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Our Approach

We recognize that learning environments are only as healthy as the teams that work within them. We understand the great demand placed upon administrators, educators, and staff, and we are here to help.


We focus on:

  • Understanding the environment school teams work in

  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses

  • Evidence based strategies and opportunities

  • Sharing and recommending additional essential resources

  • Monitoring, reevaluating, and guiding the way to                 meaningful and lasting change


We utilize the CITRS GROW Continuous School Improvement Model to prepare schools for success. We help make positive changes that will unify, promote, inspire, and expand character, integrity, trust, and relationships across staff, teams, and ultimately the whole school community, including students and parents.


To learn more about our GROW Model consultation efforts, please watch the video below.

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School Improvement

In 2017, CITRS, in collaboration with CHARACTER COUNTS!, implemented a groundbreaking comprehensive character initiative in 20 schools in Buffalo Public Schools. Approximately 14,000 pre-K – 12 students have benefited from the initiative, along with teachers, parents, and the surrounding community.

At the start of the CITRS initiative, 9 schools were in receivership status. The State of New York had identified these schools as "Persistently Struggling" and/or "Struggling to make Demonstrable Improvement" and on the verge of being shut down. Two years into the initiative, 8 of the 9 schools achieved the necessary improvements to be removed from receivership status.

Support Us

As a non-profit, CITRS relies on the generosity of many to provide our services to schools who may not have funds available.

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