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CITRS, Inc. is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian education company and a section 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


At CITRS, we help young people become good, ethical and virtuous citizens. While parents play a key role in developing a child's character, schools have an essential role as well. We believe that every student deserves, and every school should have, the best possible character development initiatives.


We provide administrators, teachers, schools, and school districts with the latest, most effective tools and approaches they need to successfully integrate comprehensive character development into their school environments. As a national advocate for character education and development, we encourage states to include comprehensive social emotional character development (SECD) in their core education standards.


In 2010, our founders, Clay Hamlin and Eugene "Gene" Miller identified a growing epidemic in our society. They realized that students were no longer receiving effective character development in school. Though many acknowledged that there was a problem, little was being done to create long-term change.


Clay and Gene created CITRS to fight this problem head on. They decided to focus on schools and out-of-school organizations where the need was greatest. ​

Over the years, CITRS has grown and so has its mission. We have witnessed the life-changing impact good character has on students of all ages. Today the latest comprehensive character development systems are easily accessible to all schools and school districts. Costs have been dramatically reduced via economies of scale to less than $30 per student per year!

​Clay and Gene believe it is a tragedy that every school district does not have an effective character development program. Neither of them receive any compensation from CITRS, but they consider this to be their life's work. And the best gift they can give for the future of our young people and our nation.

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