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"Character is power."


— Booker T. Washington

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Empowering people to achieve success by building a strong foundation of character.


Character development for everyone, everywhere!


At CITRS, we strive to conduct ourselves—both internally and externally—with high regard for these six values:

Integrity    Relationships    Innovation    Collaboration    Respect    Excellence


In 2010, our founders, Clay Hamlin and Gene Miller recognized the growing need for effective character development in schools. Though many acknowledged that there was a problem, little was being done to promote positive school climate with long-term solutions.

Clay and Gene created CITRS to address this problem head on. They decided to focus on programs for schools and out-of-school organizations where the need was greatest. ​​​Over the years, CITRS has grown and so has its mission. We have witnessed the life-changing impact character initiatives can have on students (and adults) of all ages. CITRS works to improve access to the best comprehensive character development programs.

CITRS, Inc. is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian education company and a section 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Neither Clay nor Gene receive any compensation from CITRS, but they consider this to be their life's work—and the best gift they can give to the young people and the future of our nation.

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CITRS: The Story of How a Character Company was Built

Learn how Clay Hamlin and Gene Miller founded and built CITRS to become a leader in the field of character development in this self-published book released in November 2020.

“What I’ve learned is that to be successful, you can’t just follow the herd. Sometimes you need to be an outsider.”

—Clay Hamlin, CEO & Co-Founder, CITRS

“We often chase money, status, and recognition in our careers. But we don’t see character as a worthy possession, as everything. The truth is, it’s the best thing anyone can have.”

—Gene Miller, President & Co-Founder, CITRS

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