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We help schools to THRIVE,

instead of just survive.

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50% of teachers are considering leaving their profession.

75% of teachers say their mental health is worse after the 2021 school year.



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We recognize that learning environments are only as healthy as the teams that work within them. We understand the great demand placed upon administrators, educators, and staff, and we are here to help.


We focus on:

  • Understanding the environment administration and staff work in

  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses

  • Creating evidence-based strategies and opportunities

  • Sharing and recommending additional essential resources

  • Monitoring, reevaluating, and guiding the way to                 meaningful and lasting change


We utilize the CITRS GROW Continuous School Improvement Model to prepare schools for success. We help make positive changes that will continuously promote character, integrity, trust, and relationships across school communities, including students and parents.

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Click each letter to learn more on each phase of the CITRS GROW Model!

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  • Bullying Prevalence

  • Student Good Deeds

  • Student Motivation to Learn 

  • Student Sense of Isolation 

  • Student Relationships

  • Student Success Traits

  • Administration, teachers, and staff individual and team's strengths 

  • Teacher and Administration Trust

  • School Climate

  • Parent Involvement

  • Trauma

  • Leadership Communication

The G-Phase is how we develop the unique approach that your school(s) need. This is not a one size fits all approach. We will be on-site meeting with your whole school team to better identify your challenges and strengths.

CITRS takes a multi-dimensional education approach to gathering information (from staff, student, and parents) via surveys, consultants, and reflection tools in the following areas:

This is how we get you started on an evidence data driven approach.

Click image to view detailed timeline of G-Phase

G Phase
R Phase
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  • The multi-dimensional education data collected 

  • Analysis and findings of the data

  • Development of a SWOT analysis

  • Identifying and prioritizing goals and areas to address, which could include:​

During the R-Phase, CITRS reviews and facilitates discussions with administration, faculty, and staff on

  • School Climate

  • School Safety

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Trust

  • & Others

  • Behavioral/Mental Health

  • Character

  • Diversity

  • Integrity 

  • Leadership Development

  • Relationships

  • Construct a renewed approach to find success 

  • Find consensus to build a stronger school family 

Click image to view detailed timeline of R-Phase

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During the O-Phase, CITRS will assist the school team to put in place their plan to renew and improve. This will include observing and guiding the implementation of newly developed strategies and routines to build stronger relationships.​

Our consultants along with the school team will observe the progress of meaningful change.

In this phase we monitor, evaluate, and guide your implementation toward success.

Click image to view detailed timeline of O-Phase

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O Phase
W Phase
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Click image to view detailed timeline of W-Phase

In the W-Phase, the efforts are focused on celebrating your success! This final stage is about embracing your school's why and will to succeed. At this point what was put into operation is now working. If need be, we may revisit the surveys and reflection tools to understand the progress made.


It is time to reconnect, reflect, and figure out what is next.​

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​​Upon request, CITRS is prepared to go through another cycle of GROW focused again on staff or on students and parents. Which could include suggested external experts/ long term program providers and resources in the following areas:

  • School Climate

  • School Safety

  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • & Others

  • Behavior/Mental Health

  • Bullying Prevention

  • Character

  • Diversity

  • Parent Involvement

  • Restorative Practice


Nichelle Davis Ahmaddiya

Suzanne Bracci

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Programs Director

View a more in-depth introduction to the GROW Model. Watch our informational webinar video HERE 

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