Webinar Series

Join the conversation! CITRS presents quarterly Webinar Sessions to help share information and ideas concerning the non-profit and education sectors. 


Conversation Regarding the CITRS GROW Continuous School Improvement Model – 8.17.21


CITRS was delighted to highlight its Continuous School Improvement Model. The CITRS GROW Model is focused on helping America’s schools to thrive instead of just survive.


While others provide programs and initiatives that are targeted at students, adding to an already full plate, we focus on school’s faculty, staff and administrators.


We, like so many others, are anticipating the ongoing impacts that COVID will have on the energy and enthusiasm of administrators, teachers, and staff for their jobs. We are certain this will be felt this coming school year more than ever and recognize there will be a greater need to provide even more support to school teams.


The CITRS GROW Model is the solution to those wondering how to do this most effectively and efficiently. Central to the GROW Model is the internationally recognized CITRS team of highly qualified education specialists, administrators, counselors, psychologists, and researchers that will be facilitating this four-phase, multi-dimensional, evidence-driven process with schools. 

To learn more details about the GROW Model, please visit www.citrs.org/grow


Conversation with Character.org on Character & Social-Emotional Development National Guidelines – 5.27.21


CITRS was honored to host Dr. Arthur Schwartz, President of Character.org, as he spoke to their newly released Character & Social Emotional Development (CSED) guidelines. 


CSED was developed in collaboration with leading experts in the fields of both Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Character Development. Based on the latest science and research, the guidelines were created to provide states, districts, and schools with a way to determine whether or not their programs for the whole child are comprehensive. 

The guidelines focus on the four dimensions of character (moral, performance, intellectual and civic character) and the five skills of social-emotional learning (self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, social awareness, and responsible and ethical decision-making).

Click here to download a copy of Character.org’s presentation

About Character.org: For the past 28 years, Character.org has served as the national leader, advocate, and voice for the character movement in the U.S. and beyond. Its unique and inspiring annual forum brings together thousands of parents, educators, coaches, organizations, researchers, and community leaders - all collaborating to improve character in our homes, schools, and communities.


Conversation with the Creators of the Ground Breaking App, CharacterDaily – 2.25.21

Description: Now more than ever, it’s crucial for new tools to be developed that adapt to the new learning environments brought on by COVID. While it’s hard to predict how things will look tomorrow, it is certain that education as we once knew it, will never be the same again! Let’s take a look together how technology will most certainly be a change agent in education - this app leading the way. Learn more about cutting edge technology that is delivering character content in a digital world.

Click here to download a copy of CharacterDaily’s presentation

About CharacterDaily: CharacterDaily designs affordable and scalable technology solutions that help to build comprehensive character development programs. They partner with prominent content providers to deliver customized curricula and resources to educators, parents, and students. Their mission is to empower people to achieve success by building a strong foundation of character through easy-to-use, digital solutions.


Conversation with Evaluators, Multi-Dimensional Education Inc (MDed) - 11.18.2020

Description: Now more than ever it’s crucial to feel confident where philanthropic monies are being directed. With so many organizations and programs competing for the attention of foundations and philanthropists, how can you feel confident in evaluating those worthy causes? Get inside information, as MDed shares their evaluation strategies of organizations, programs and initiatives.

Click here to download a copy of MDed’s presentation

About the Evaluators: Multi-Dimensional Education Inc. (MDed) was started in 2008 by the internationally respected researchers and evaluators Drs. Michael W. Corrigan and Doug Grove, as well as their since retired partner Dr. Phil Vincent. MDed are experts in child development, clinical and developmental psychology, organizational change and statistical analysis. MDed’s goal is to improve the lives of children by helping youth-focused organizations, schools and agencies collect, analyze and utilize more sound evidence-driven approaches to continuous improvement. MDed has assisted more than 150 school systems, state agencies and national organizations in their work with children. Holding to the highest ethical practices and standards, they have directed the research for more than $19.5 million in federal studies.