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Buffalo Public School District’s Character Development Initiative

CITRS and Character Counts! have partnered to implement a customized character

development initiative for the Buffalo Public School District (BPSD) based on Character Counts’ 5.0 Model Standards. This initiative involves 22 schools in the City of Buffalo.

The long-term goal is to aid in the development of students for educational advancement, success in the workplace and becoming ethical, compassionate citizens. The short-term goals are to create a safe, healthy, and secure environment within each school and improve students’ academic performance, behavior, character traits, social emotional learning, and interpersonal skills.

The three-year initiative is supported locally by three Mentors/Coaches in Buffalo, three members of the CITRS staff located in Philadelphia, and three members of the CHARACTER COUNTS! national staff.

CITRS creates a monthly newsletter that provides a look into the initiative’s progress in the Buffalo Public Schools, and has a Spotlight on ‘Character in Action,’ which highlights best practices from various schools in the BPSD. There is also content for continuing professional growth related to the integration of Character Counts! See Buffalo CC Newsletter June 2017.



The BPSD serves nearly 34,000 students at 60 facilities. Its mission is to ensure that “every student will have the confidence, knowledge, thinking skills, character and hope to assume responsibility for her/his life and contribute to the lives of others.” Teachers and administration at the 22 schools involved in this initiative have been working diligently, along with Mentor/Coaches, to integrate CC! into schools and students’ lives as seamlessly as possible.

To learn more about BPSD, visit:



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