top of page Recognizes the BPSD's Initiative is Making Big Impact

The Buffalo Public School District’s (BPSD) Character Development Initiative is gaining momentum and people are taking notice.

The groundbreaking initiative has been brought to Buffalo, NY by CITRS and CHARACTER COUNTS! to deliver the most effective, scalable, and comprehensive character development solutions to 21 Buffalo Public Schools. The initiative benefits over 14,000 pre-K – 12th grade students.

Recently,, the character industry’s leading advocate and evaluator, featured an article on the BPSD’s Character Development Initiative.

Written by Dr. Karen Geller, the article highlights the promise and success of the Buffalo initiative.

Geller affirms the success of the initiative, saying “This is a scalable, innovative character initiative that offers significant promise to the character industry as it can be easily duplicated in other districts. In addition, scaling reduces costs substantially.”

CITRS has a unique system that has generated unprecedented buy-in from leaders, administrators, teachers, parents, and students in the Buffalo area. This support directly speaks to the positive impact the initiative has already made, such as decreasing violence and bullying.

CITRS is proud to see the impressive progress being made by the schools involved in this initiative and looks forward to all of the positive impacts that will continue to be made.



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